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About 3DGO!
3DGO! is the easiest way to watch 3D at home, raising the value of your investment. 3DGO! is the only dedicated internet streaming 3D VOD channel offering you the best 3D experience at home with an instant access to the largest movie choice in high-quality 3D.

Developed by SENSIO Technologies, a world leading company specializing in the development and marketing of stereoscopic (3D) image-processing technologies, 3DGO! aims to answer consumer needs for diversified 3D content.

Throughout the past 13 years, SENSIO has been introducing new technologies and innovative solutions to push the limits of the consumer 3D experience making it simpler, better and more enjoyable.

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Frequently asked questions
Which 3DTV can play movies from 3DGO!?
Click on "See compatible TVs" under the "How it works" section of this Web site for details.

How do I link my 3DTV to 3DGO! ?
To link your 3DTV to 3DGO!, you have to create a 3DGO! account on To do so:
Step 1: Click on "My Account"
Step 2: Enter the required details and payment information
Step 3: Enter the device code. To get the code:
1. On your 3DTV, launch the 3DGO! application.
2. Navigate to the "Help" section using the green button and select "Link/Unlink my TV". Then click on "Link 3DGO! account" and take note of the device code.
3. Go to your computer and enter the device code to complete the online registration process.

Where do I find my 3DGO! movies on my 3DTV?
To locate and watch your rented movies, launch the 3DGO! application on your 3DTV and select "YOUR 3D LIBRARY". Rented movies will be removed from your 3D library automatically when they expire.

To find more movies to rent, browse our selection of movies from the 3DGO! application on your 3DTV or navigate through "Featured Movies" on

How can I get my free movie?
To get your free 3D movie, complete the two steps registration process on Once you are registered, launch the 3DGO! application on your 3DTV and go to the "See 3D Free!" section of the application where you will find the details.

Does my TV require an internet connection to use 3DGO! ?
To use 3DGO!, you will require a high-speed internet connection on your 3DTV. Please refer to your owner's manual on how to connect your 3DTV to the internet.

How do I unlink my 3DTV from 3DGO! ?
To unlink 3DGO! on your 3DTV:

Step 1: Launch the 3DGO! application
Step 2: Navigate to the "Help" section
Step 3: Select "Link/Unlink my TV"
Step 4: Select "Unlink my 3DGO! account"

You can also unlink your 3DTV on

Step 1: Sign-in to "My Account.
Step 2: Select the "Register Devices link"
Step 3: Click the "Delete link" on the right-hand side of the device your wish to unlink.

How does billing work?
You pay for movies as you go. Your credit card will be charged per transaction so you are only paying for the movies you rent.

Account holders can view their summary and their detailed transactions by navigating "My Account" section on

You will not receive any invoice by mail.

When I rent a movie, do I have to pay to watch it more than once?
No! You can watch the rented movie as many times as you like, as long as it is within the 24-hour rental timeframe.

How long do rentals last?
When you rent a movie, it's stored in "YOUR 3D LIBRARY" section and it's available for 30 days if unwatched. Once you've pressed "Play" and watched the movie for more than 5 minutes, a 24-hour viewing period is initiated. You may watch the movie as many times as you like during this 24-hour period. The rental will expire at the end of the 24-hour period or at the end of the 30 days, whichever comes first.

If you don't watch the movie more than 5 minutes, it will remain available for 30 days.

If I rent a movie, can I watch it on multiple devices?
No. You can only watch the movie on the device where the rental was initiated.

Can I register multiple devices?
No. Only one device per registration is allowed.

How do I set my parental control settings?
Step 1: Go to and sign in to "My Account".
Step 2: Select "Parental Control Settings".
Step 3: Select the category you want to be restricted and click "SAVE".
Step 4: Enter a PIN and click "SET PIN".

Is 3DGO! compatible with the VIZIO M3D ranges of 3DTVs?
Unfortunately, the M3D range of 3DTVs, including the M3D420, M3D421, M3D460, M3D470, M3D550 and M3D650 model ranges, are not compatible with 3DGO! Display problems may occur if the application is used on these 3DTVs.

Still have a question? Contact 3DGO! customer support team at
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